Which real world cast members are dating

21-Aug-2019 00:15

If, like us, you spent all weekend indoors watching 13 Reasons Why, then prepare to be thrilled because we have some really great news for you.

It turns out that two of the actors in the series are actually dating in real life, and honestly we’ve never been more immediately obsessed with a couple more in our entire lives.

Jeff revealed this year: "We tend to learn our lines in isolation, but if we've got big days or big scenes, then we might run them together. They've both since left the show to concentrate on career opportunities overseas, although Chris did recently return for another brief stint as Kyle.

Revealing himself as a bit of a fast mover, Chris once explained: "She began in October and we started seeing each other in November.

However, SC Cameran keeping it real on the reg is so awesome. Real World: Before RW, 19-year-old Cameran was working at the Mellow Mushroom pizzeria in Anderson, SC. Real World: Cameran hooked up with roommate Brad Fiorenza in a hot tub in Greece. : Southern Charm: Cameran has not hooked up with or dated anyone in the SC cast, and does not plan on hooking up with or dating anyone in the SC cast.

Her saying her BF is nothing more than a "trophy" is so amazingly snarky.

Real World: Her vibrator was her prized possession, and her motto was “sex can wait, masturbate."Southern Charm: What’s her life motto now?

Away from the camera, though, Anna and Nick certainly make for one of the most gorgeous soap couples around at the moment.

Nick finished filming at a while ago now, but his romance with Anna is still going strong.

The couple have two children, Violet and Stan, who were born in 20 respectively.

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