Vashtie dating

19-Aug-2019 02:12

but so is Pharrell and we hear great things about his fiancée Helen. when we received a tip accusing Kola of homewrecking we were pretty shocked.Check out these claims and tell us if you think they seem realistic: So I’m not sure if anyone close to Pharell that written in about this.Crafted in Italy, the spectacles are made from plastic waste like These days, it’s pretty common to see people in hip-hop take on ventures outside of music.

Vashtie has not stopped “communicating” with Pharrell since they broke up.

Vashtie created the tomboy-meets-high fashion brand Violette, housed online and in Paris' popular Colette boutique.

She also became the first woman to design a Jordan-brand sneaker and can be spotted in nationwide campaigns for Puma and DKNY.

The difference, however, is the curly-haired girl sitting before me in a furry, pink crop top and black slacks now understands the power of being front and center.

She's learned how social media can act as a springboard for success.As previously reported Beyonce released her new single “Best Thing I Never Had” and included a promo picture for the new track.