Stockholm supper club speed dating

06-Apr-2019 11:30

You probably can’t bring a thousand suitcases with you, and you will find good and warm clothes in stores here.3. It is very very tempting to stay at home all day long, when its cold outside. The snowy landscapes are really beautiful, and Scandinavian cities wear snow […]Picture : Ice Hotel, Jukkasjärvi, Sweden Winter If you are planning on moving to Sweden, this is probably a word that most likely frightens or fascinates you.

Then I moved to France, but French winter was okay.

I’m coming back today, with a slightly different type of content for you.

I compiled images and videos from the past 5 months into a video, showing you what my stay in Stockholm has been so far ( kind of ).

I left university that day, with a lot of questions, and thoughts about how I would be able to grow in love with this place.

Reflecting back on all of this now, […]Yep, I’ve been here for a couple of months now – don’t worry, I’m not gonna make a fuss about it.

stockholm supper club speed dating-51

S e x h o t c h a t

hoping that it would be enough to keep me warm and going during those challenging months.

On the other hand, and despite the fear and anxiety that invaded my mind, I was also fascinated and thrilled by the idea of living such a unique experience. Let me start this post by wishing you all a Happy New Year ( even though i’m a little bit late ).

I hope you all spent amazing holidays, and that you enjoyed and cherished the time spent with your loved ones.

I have to admit that the surroundings didn’t make a very good impression on me that particular day.

The Campus was empty, quite lifeless, and the clouds accentuated the coldness of the buildings that are visible from the metro’s exit to Campus Frescati.

It really wasn’t bad, especially in the Paris region.

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