Php validating links

02-Jul-2019 09:17

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Validating a website is the process of ensuring that the pages on the website conform to the norms or standards defined by various organizations.

Validation is important, and will ensure that your web pages are interpreted in the same way (the way you want it) by various machines, such as search engines, as well as users and visitors to your webpage.

phpinfo() function in PHP provides very detailed information about all aspects of PHP runtime configuration.

To check the phpinfo() output from within PHP Manager use the "Check phpinfo()" task.

PHP extensions can be enabled or disabled in the "PHP Extensions" page: Note The feedback system for this content will be changing soon. If content within a comment thread is important to you, please save a copy.

You can review each issue description and the recommended corrective action.

Assume in your application you have the following model: In this model a contact may have more than one address and more than one number.

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