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25-Jul-2019 05:00

Well, I must have the world's most uncurious 8 year old, because he's never so much asked where babies come from, how his baby sister got in to my tummy, or even why boys look different than girls.

Should I begin to broach these subjects, then, even if he isn't asking?

It's really helpful when parents not only share what behaviors they think are within acceptable boundaries (and why) as well as those that are beyond their children's level of maturity.

_______________________ Northern Va: I think I am way behind schedule in talking about sex with my 11-year-old son and 9-year-old daughter.

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What does a parent do when the conversation leads to more intimate details of the birds and bees?

One of the many potential problems for children who have been abused is that they have already "learned" about sex in an unhealthy and exploitive way.