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In "Good as Gold", she holds Tommy's hand as they are now a couple after Tommy bids Jason farewell as Jason has now lost his Gold Ranger powers after Tommy tells her that there's more to saving the world, showing that he loves her and she loves him.In "A Season to Remember", she is currently married to Tommy and are grandparents and they have two grandchildren who is a Power Ranger.When she broke free, she was near Angel Grove's Gym & Juice Bar with Kimberly inside training for the Pan Global Games.When she got in she saw Kimberly, still weary from the last couple of battles, struggle to stay focused on the balance beam, she ended up losing her balance and fell on the floor.It's time to try Flirt – the perfect site for singles who know what they want!1000s of interesting people are ready to share your interests and love experience!The Rangers go through with the deal and had met with Rita, Rito, Goldar, and the Tengas but was tricked to find out that the container which contained Ninjor was empty as for the Rangers' plan B, they activated a shield protecting Katherine from evil.however the Tengas was able to destroy the shield allowing Rito to kidnap Katherine.

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She would fight a few more battles with Divatox and TJ and Cassie would help Kat fend off the Pranhatrons and rescue Tommy.While she was in her human form, she stole Kimberly's power coin, and snuck into the Falconzord and stole it after knocking Tommy out.But Katherine would soon break free from the spell due to her pure heart.In the end, she chose Cassie to take her place as the new Pink Turbo Ranger and left for London to begin her career as a ballerina.

Is unknown if she is still together with Tommy or not, but most of fans think she and Tommy got married because the episode "A season to remember" suggested that would be his future.

Then, the Zeo Crystals transformed the Rangers back into their normal selves except for Aisha who decided to stay in Africa and helped the African people to take care of animals and sends a girl named Tanya to take her place and also takes the Yellow Zeo Crystal.