Jon gosselin dating spoof malta dating

26-Jul-2019 23:42

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Griffin, who was a guest on The View during one of Kate Gosselin’s co-hosting stints on Friday, said she spoke to Kate and that she was “very gracious” and easy-going.

Kate even said she watched Griffin’s impression of her, which aired on Jimmy Kimmel’s show two weeks ago, and that she thought it was funny: Kathy Griffin, who recently spoofed the mother of eight for Jimmy Kimmel Live, admits that she gets along with the reality star.

Kate handled herself very well, though, and said she realized that what she did was wrong. MSNBC’s The Scoop reports that despite Kate’s insistence that only approved babysitters watch their kids neither Kate nor Jon was with them over the weekend.

However the couple announced they were getting divorced on the show in 2009 and the following year the show was relaunched as "Kate Plus 8" in 2010 but foundered in ratings and was cancelled in 2011. While hubby Jon has fun with his latest junior girlfriend, she's home with the eight kids—and being lampooned in a spoof dating video.