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For information about creating records by using the Route 53 console, see Creating Records by Using the Amazon Route 53 Console.For information about the values that you specify for alias records, see the applicable topic in Values That You Specify When You Create or Edit Amazon Route 53 Records: Note If you create an alias record that routes traffic to another record in the same hosted zone, and if the record that you're routing traffic to has a type of CNAME, you can't create an alias record at the zone apex.From time to time one or more of these tools will be unavailable due to various reasons: network traffic, server downtime, loss of support for the tools listed, or the random vagaries of the Web.For that reason, many of these tools are redundant—if one tool doesn't work, try using another.However, you can't create an alias that points to the record that Route 53 creates when you create a policy record. This is the one, the only, the original "Ad hoc IPTools Page." There are many imitators out there (and for all you "hackers" who have stolen my HTML code without my permission—pox on you!

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Instead of an IP address or a domain name, an alias record contains a pointer to a Cloud Front distribution, an Elastic Beanstalk environment, an ELB Classic, Application, or Network Load Balancer, an Amazon S3 bucket that is configured as a static website, or another Route 53 record in the same hosted zone.

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(I'm not the creator of any of these tools— I'm not that bright! Contact the tool's Source: Network Tools (This tool has been removed due to it's extremly high "maintenance" level.

Exchange 2007 does not support “Negotiate” authentication (See image below).

Therefore the external Client Authentication Methods should be configured to match whatever is configured for 2007, either Basic or NTLM.Introducing Exchange 2013 into an Exchange 2007 environment can be a challenging task.