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Shocked and outraged, the local clan Kennedy had joined started coming up with new passwords and observances.And just as quickly, “Klansman” Kennedy passed along all their new practices to the show, Kennedy would continue fighting intolerance, publishing books and helping the government crack down on the Klan.When reporters asked the Klansmen if they were armed, they refused to answer.As to the WBC, they weren’t particularly upset by the Klan’s arrival.Stallworth decided to call them up and see if he could infiltrate the group.

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Imperial Wizard Dennis La Bonte shot back, saying it was the soldiers who fought for Westboro’s right to protest. Well, at the end of the day both groups are still terrible, so we’ll say they both lost.In 1979, undercover police officer Ron Stallworth spotted an interesting ad in his local newspaper.The KKK was moving into his town of Colorado Springs and was looking for new recruits.“Clan of the Fiery Cross” was the brainchild of Stetson Kennedy, a Georgia man who infiltrated the Ku Klux Klan to learn their secrets.

He attended meetings, observed rituals, memorized passwords and tried to pass his information to law enforcement officials. Either they were too afraid to take a stand against the Klan, or they were actually members.He might not have had X-ray vision or the ability to fly, but Stetson Kennedy was a real-life superhero.

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