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The present invention therefore still further contemplates the provision of a coupling means on the car door, arranged and constructed to automatically engage and grip a member or arm on the hatchway door just prior to opening the car (icon so that when the latter door is fully and firmly closed and the hatchway door locked, the door operator motor nevertheless continues operation to thereby cause the coupling mechanism to be positioned at such distance from the hatchway door member or arm as will allow the car to travel past those doors without strik ng the members or arms or in any way interfering with the electrical or mechanical door contacts.

0| GIOVANNI ELEVATOR CAR DOOR CONTROL MECHANISM Filed Aug. The hatchway doors are each provided with a member or arm, which is engaged by a link or lever secured to the door, which latter must be sufiiciently close to the hatchway door member or arm to, at the correct time, engage it and so properly open and close the hatchway door concurrently with and under the influence of the car door but yet have sufficient clearance between the two so that they will not strike or rub against each other as the car moves past each normally closed hatchway door.

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D] GIOVANNI ELEVATOR CAR DOOR CONTROL MECHANISM Filed Aug. The present invention still further contemplates the provision of a switch for the door operating motor that is automatically operated by closing movement of the doors and the imposition of an obstruction to such movement to reverse the door operating motor and leave free for the passenger entrance to or exit from the car.

The present invention further contemplates the provision ofa coupling means between the door and its operating motor oi construction and arrangement such that, upon obstruction of the; 2 door, the operating motor therefor is automatically disengaged therefrom and therefore the door or doors cannot be positively driven against the passenger or obstruction irrespective of the proper operation of the switch designed to open the ncotor circuit.

Further with the saiety means used in present installations, despite opening the switch thereof, circuit of the motor operating the door may neverthelessremain closed and continue the positively driven movement of the door or doors toward or against the passenger, which continued positively driven movement may cause damage: to the mechanism and injury to the passenger.

The present invention contemplates the provision of a safety means, which is designed and constructed to cause the car and hatchway doors or either oi them to automatically reverse in direction of movement and move away from the passenger should either door be touched or pulled upon, independently of engagement, by the pas s enger of a safety edge or other means arranged on the door itself.


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With present automatic elevator construction, there may be provided a construction for operating the doors manually after they have been unlocked with a suitable key. In the drawings only so much of the conventional elevator installation, schematically illustrated, as is required for an understanding of my invention is shown.As a seemingly psycho teenage sex object, Eisley shows a great range of emotions.