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century coins used the Chula-Sakarat (CS) dating system, sometimes referred to as the BE (Burmese Era) dating system. Typical CS date: = 1214 638 = 1852 AD The current numbering system, from 1948 to the present, is based on AD dates using Burmese numbers. A Dutch Indonesian friend of mine was getting married to an American girl. Before I went to the wedding I had stopped at several bars with a friend of mine.When Lu Lu lived in Burma she had worked for many diplomatic families as a nanny.In 1957 Lu Lu met an American diplomatic family who lived in Burma for five years and were going back to America.

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When I first met Lu Lu she always dressed in her native clothes.At the dance floor Lu Lu became the attraction of the night.In those days there were hardly any Orientals around Syracuse, and a Karen of Burma most people had never heard about.When I rolled down the window the heat of the car came out, and the police-man could smell my breath.

The police-man said that I was speeding and you also are drinking. The police-man said to me, "what am I going to do with you?That night, if Lu Lu had not been in my car I would have had a ticket for speeding and drinking, and she knows, I could have spent the night in jail.

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companions to culture."Beauty and the beast: an investigation into the role and function of women in German expressionist film." In: Visions of the "Neue Frau": women and the visual arts in Weimar Germany / edited by Marsha Meskimmon and Shearer West. Der historische Spielfilm im Nationalsozialismus / Hans-Gerd Happel. N36 H371 1984 "State of the Art as Art of the Nazi State: The Limits of Cinematic Resistance." In: Flight of fantasy: new perspectives on inner emigration in German literature, 1933-1945 / edited by Neil H. Along with a few well-known and often discussed propaganda films, the newsreels have generally been viewed as the perfect propaganda instrument for the National Socialists.… continue reading »

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