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My husband would accidentally spill some and I'd go nuts. I did it for 6 months but that was pretty much only because of other women being sanctimonious. I definitely plan on breastfeeding this next kiddo too.I'm so happy there's starting to be more discussion these days about how it might not be the best path for everyone.” Julie said: “I’m in a Facebook group where Bay Ridge moms complain about everything, especially breast feeding. He wouldn’t latch for the first three weeks so I would pump and my husband would give him the breast milk with a syringe. But don't be a hypocrite mama 😘A post shared by April Love Geary (@aprillovegeary) on Hayes, who has two children of her own, defended herself in the comments of that post and on Twitter, explaining that the context of her topless photos were different, because it was her job to pose nude."I don’t think it should be done discreetly.

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I wanted to and was lucky enough to make a lot of milk and not work at all until my baby was over five months.

Every mothers journey is going to be different but that's what makes our lives so special."The first time my baby girl latched onto my nipple.