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02-Jul-2019 19:28

I would say it was huge misfortune for DPRK that the UDSSR broke and the sanctions have been unjust.The UN did many mistakes (not only regarding Korea, there are many examples) and i cannot exclude that deliberate intentions could have been forwarded from the deep state of USA to cheat the UN.when i count together all the american products i use everyday its worth more than your criminal economy earns in a year `MURICA FUCK YEAH EUROPE FUCK YEAH FREEDOM OF SPEACH FUCK YEAH HUMAN RIGHTS FUCK YEAH NORTH KOREA FUCK YOUWell to be honest USA does not represents HUMAN RIGHTS since a long time.Or giving democracry in many innocent countries , bombing every day , killing people, etc is a good way to bring peace?Perhaps the one big advantage citizens of the DPR Korea have is that they live in an homogeneous society. Ironically, Kim Yong-un is the epitomy and definition of a rich, spoiled brat. He's notorious for throwing outrageously extravagant parties.The man lives like a stereotypical Western rock star - the likes of which he even personally associates with(Dennis Rodman).

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Kim Yong-Un is the ultimate hypocrite.innocent NK went through a lots of painful Time sneaky tricky blood sucker leech evil sushi jap trick and killed destroyed kingdom took over country stole all of historic treasure and be cruel evil shit to korean shortly after that Us jumping in family fight killed so many of innocent NK and sk for no reason most evil cruel killing monster of Us Nazi substituted !

What about freedom of travel, freedom of speech, freedom of ownership, freedom of self-control, and freedom of expression.

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