Will updating my ram make my computer faster

09-Apr-2019 18:01

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Whether or not an upgrade in RAM will make the browser work better depends on how much memory is already in the system.If you already have more than enough memory to run the browser, an upgrade will have little to no effect.Based in California, James Wright has been writing since 1998.Wright's articles have been published on various websites with a focus on technical fields such as computers and the Internet, and were also featured in a now-retired publication for an online artistic community.If the Internet is slow, you may be tempted to upgrade the RAM to try to increase speed and reduce lag.However, while RAM does play a part in how well your Web browser can operate, it may not increase your loading speed much, if at all.Wright studied English, journalism, politics and psychology at Riverside Community College.

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As only half our RAM is being used we do not need to add any more.Having more RAM means that your browser itself will run more efficiently and be able to handle more tabs open simultaneously.