Who is oj simpson dating

20-Sep-2019 08:40

“She was so wet and cold that you could feel her shivering to her bones. “Her face had already swollen - she actually had an imprint on one side of her face and her forehead - so I said, ‘do you want him arrested for beating you’ and she said, ‘yes’. “I told him, ‘I'm placing you under arrest for beating your wife.

“About that time OJ Simpson came right up to the fence and he started yelling ‘I don't want her in my bed anymore. You're going to have to go get dressed so I can take you to jail’.

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Pals of Nicole tell stories of violent abuse including one instance when OJ allegedly beat her up for sitting their son next to a gay man in a restaurant. “The next day I got a call that he freaked out on New Year's Eve and that he beat the hell out of her.” John Edwards of the Los Angeles Police Department was the officer who arrived that night described the scene.

“She's wearing nothing but a bra and sweatpants covered in mud and she kept yelling ‘he's going to kill me, he's going to kill me’.