Who is dating george clooney

27-Sep-2019 07:30

A Pitt source exclusively told Us Weekly earlier this week that the actor is “absolutely smitten” with the MIT professor.The source added that the two almost right away established a connection after meeting each other.When George Clooney and Stacy Keibler recently called it quits after two years of dating, we were reminded of all the other ladies who've been seen on the Hollywood A-lister's arm. George Clooney may have inspired pal Brad Pitt to date rumored girlfriend Neri Oxman.Sarah Larson is no longer the most hated woman in the world - i.e.George Clooney's girlfriend - and she's in no rush to attach herself to another relationship."I'm staying single," she said.Aside from being Pitt’s type, Oxman motivates the “World War Z” actor to do what he loves because they share the same passion for architecture.

“Brad has seen how happy and different Amal has made his friend,” the insider said.

Staying quiet: When contacted by the Mail Online George's representative Stan Rosenfield did not deny the engagement rumours but instead refused to comment but has previously said the pair, pictured ion March, were 'just friends' Life’s just not fair sometimes.

Not only is Amal Alamuddin engaged to the love of our lives George Clooney, but it would also seem the beautiful lawyer has a designer wardrobe to boot. We’re going to go with the Balenciaga (no offence Clooney), and the best part is Amal’s coat is not that expensive.

“He likes women who challenge him in every way, especially in the intellect department.”Oxman is an architect and professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

A source, who described the 42-year-old as “genius and gorgeous,” said she is the perfect match for the 54-year-old actor who really likes Clooney’s human-rights lawyer wife.

Now that Pitt is dating Oxman, the source said he wants to do everything to keep things about them private. As previously reported, Pitt and Oxman prefer to hang out in the latter’s apartment.