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16-May-2019 16:14

By the way, you will be able to tell if the site you are on is secure by looking at your browser navigation bar.An SSL secure site has a green lock, as seen right here -Hackers have been known to target adult sites in the past and adult cam sites are no different.Visit Live In conclusion, If you want to watch porn in complete anonymity and without your wife ever finding out, then Pay Pal Cams is the way to go.

That’s right, you can now pay for porn with Pay Pal, the most secure payment method on the internet.

In all of its years of operation, the company’s security has never been breached.

Yes, people’s individual accounts have been broken into, but no hacker has ever managed to extract account information from the company directly.

Those days are gone, there are now dedicated processors for Pay Pal cams.

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This means you get the increased security and privacy you need to watch as many camgirls as you want.If you have ever completed a payment online, then you probably know that you should only buy things on sites with an SSL.