Var lib ntp drift not updating updating and repairing pc

08-Aug-2019 05:15

With VMware 2.5.x and RHEL4 you need to go into the MUI under Advanced Options and set "Misc. That's pretty much the culprit behind all the clock problems is that single setting.By default the host isn't able to keep up with the guests requests, thus the guests lose time.Note that tools will only sync the time forward, not backwards, so using NTP from within the guest is probably the preferable method.The guest will also sync the time from the hosts when it boots or is VMotioned, so the host clock should sync to the same source as the guests. You always have to set the host rate faster than the guest.Once you've got these changes in place, if and only if you want to sync with the tools, you will need to set "Time" to "true" in the vmx file or set the checkmark "Synchronize guest time with host" in VM options.See also the VMware knowledgebase article Clock in a Linux Guest Runs More Slowly or Quickly Than Real Time.You may also sync the time with separately installed service, VMware Tools which is highly recommended always.

Try the available ones in order to get a stable clock.However, do keep in mind that the kinds of additional/alternative kernel options you need to enable good time sync within your virtialization system may interfere with the proper operation of certain other types of programs.In that case, you need to make a decision -- do you run those applications under virtualization without good clock sync, or do you run them on a separate non-virtual machine that does have good clock sync?The code that has been added (both in timer_tsc.c's The addition of the Reiser file system to the kernel caused a problem with ntpd.

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It was unable to stay synchronized, losing more than 10 minutes per day if allowed to run freely.

If required, add your commands just below the examples.

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