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and to the family of the Ranun- culaceae of Jussieu.Calyx permanent, composed of five or six broad leaflets, rounded, open, of a rose colour at first, becom- ing white as they expand, and resembling petals; five or more nectaria, called petals by some botanists, shorter than the calyx, in the shape of a funnel, or cone, with an irregular border, oblique, and as it were lipped : style sharp-pointed, curved a little outwards, the germens transforming themselves after their fecundation into as many compressed, oval, oblong 7 capsules, presenting at their extremities two keels, one short, and more rounded, the other more elongated, and terminating in a point : each capsule is a kind of follicule, opening only on one side : seeds round, attached to the opposite suture, which takes place of the placenta : flowers large, two inches in diameter, single, or placed two and two upon cylindrical stalks, simple or forked, appearing with the leaves : leaves large, radical, borne upon a petiole, equal at least to the stalk, divided at the top into seven or eight lobes, disposed in oblong pedals, serrated, pointed, of a brownish green, and leather-like ; roots composed of one short thick stump, from which proceed several blackish fibres, frequently covered with, a brownish down.00m 1 The Library of the Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine med'Ca' " : :;ty OF LONDON Accession Number Press Mark ( Digitized by the Internet Archive i in 2014 A GENERAL SYSTEM OF TOXICOLOGY #c.Sparrows expire within one, two, four, or five minutes, amidst convulsions more or less violent, when a single drop of this acid is injected into their beak, or intro- duced into the anus.Leeches, earth-worms, crabs, lobsters, scolopendrae, spiders, lice, fleas, flies, bugs, (both of the beds, and such as are found in woods) bees, wasps, ants, crickets, grass-hoppers, vibriones, equally lose their lives at the end of a space of time which is variable, when brought in contact with this poisonous substance, and exhibit symp- toms more or less similar to those we have been describing.The Clematites Vitalba, Flammula, Recta, and Integrifolia .Scelanthus 2uadragonus, Forskalii, Glandulosus .... At the expiration of a quarter of an hour he passed a greenish stool : half an hour afterwards he vomited without any effort; these vomitings were repeated four times within the hour.

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de Venenatis Acidi Borussici in Animalia Effects bus.

Vicat, who was called in at this juncture, ordeied them to take a considerable quantity of warm water with oil, and shortly after gave them mallows tea sweetened with horiey, by which means they were relieved, and completely restored.