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The 8.9-inch tablet, available in black, white and gold, dons a smooth matte back with a soft grip and rounded corners.The brushed metal frame that wraps around its body provides a wide enough edge to rest fingers on, minimizing inevitable smudges on the bezel.The island's natural resources, people, and activities will provide you with much enjoyment and entertainment during your free time.Between exploring the island and attending your conferences, our convenient hotel restaurant will be available for you to sample our tasty island cuisine.The Google Nexus 9 succeeds in checking the necessary boxes to be one of the best tablets of 2014. Fingerprint sensors, 3D cameras and item-recognition software are a few of the fancy bells and whistles that you can find on premium tablets today, but the new Nexus tablet offers nothing of the sort. But what matters most is that it concentrates on the essentials, rather than padding itself with the trendy and flashy features that can trip up rivals.Its minimalist design is en vogue, but nothing about it particularly stands out.

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The 32GB version will run you 9, £399 or AU9.

Both the island and its people respect these elements which serve the foundation for our complex and old histories.