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Simply put, no one wants to be Anthony Weiner, — he is a national pariah,' said the memo.'Since his communications with [the underage girl] have become public, Anthony has been the subject of widespread public flogging and even a death threat in the popular media.

Anthony's former colleagues in government have publicly shunned him, and he is the routine target of late night barbs.''[T]his from a man many once lauded as a bright light of Congress, a possible Mayor of New York, and maybe more, before his all-consuming sexting habit destroyed each possibility, most devastatingly in this final criminal iteration of it.'Despite the fallout from the scandal, Weiner's attorneys added that the Daily story finally gave him the push he needed to take his therapy seriously.'The Daily Mail exposé of Anthony's online communications with JD jolted Anthony in away other scandals had not, and led him for the first time to grapple with the depths of his sickness and to find the strength to treat it,' said the memo.

Weiner's attorneys filed a lengthy court memo which was made public in full on Thursday documenting their client's years as a self-proclaimed 'sex addict' and asking a judge for leniency when the former congressman is sentenced for sending obscenity to a minor later this month.

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'[T]he immediate, improper disclosure that Anthony was under federal investigation and the subsequent improper injection of this case into the presidential election may well have helped [the 15-year-old] realize that apparent ambition.'He also blasted investigators for leaking information about his case – and the fact that Clinton's emails were found on his laptop – which caused him personal turmoil, shunning from political allies, and even led to him receiving a death threat.

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