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Her infatuation with him is ultimately confirmed at the end of "Special Project", when, after being selected to travel for a three-week business trip to Florida with Jim and four others, she privately informs a friend, via her cell phone, of her intentions to seduce Jim, despite his marriage and children.In a deleted scene from the same episode, she also worries about losing her job, now that Pam has returned, and implies that, in the future, she might be desperate enough to consider marrying a man she knows, named Doug, just for the financial stability he could provide.She appears in "Search Committee" and reveals that she is old friends with one of the applicants for the manager job, Nellie Bertram.When Jo finds out about Gabe's current personal issues concerning Erin and Andy, she decides to transfer him back to the Florida headquarters.In response, Cathy feigns shock and tells him that she had no romantic intentions whatsoever.Embarrassed for apparently having misread the situation, he apologizes and agrees to relax.

Jo thanks Michael and says that if there's anything he needs, she'll be happy to help, prompting Michael to joke about bringing Holly back to Scranton, to which Jo says "Let me see what I can do" (and Holly does return temporarily in season 7).

The Office is a television series based on the British television comedy of the same name.

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