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31-Mar-2019 09:43

He’s a very consistent man who easily wins the trust of any lover, and this is one suitor that Pisces Woman will find little initial instinct from which to swim away – she only wants more.

Pisces Woman is a giving, sensitive individual who’s open nature has no problem finding many encounters along the road.

Because she is highly adaptable to changing circumstances, he can be left feeling like he never has a loyal lover in return for all the security he is providing.

The Pisces and Leo sexual connection is powerful and bonding, as Leo often will have Water in the rest of his natal chart to bond on an emotional level.

Such deception is unthinkable to Leo Man, but once he sees a more outright nonconformist Pisces lover faces him everyday, he can turn to rage to try and restore order.

The more Leo Man tries to become assertive in letting his temper loose, the more Pisces Woman begins to balance out to question of ‘should I stay or should I go? It seems like a remarkable about-face but the same intuition with which Pisces Woman judges a lover to be worth the pain and everything in between, will be the same intuition she will use to discriminate against Leo Man’s less savoury moments.

Fire vs Water - Fire and Water Sign compatibilities are usually weighted toward the water side, but in this case, the Fire Sign (Leo) is likely to dominate. Fixed vs Mutable - Fixed and Mutable signs work together when the fixed sign person provides the stability that should be at the center of the relationship, but it will take considerable effort on the part of Leo to stay grounded enough to make things last.

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At first he may be blind and under the impression such an agreeable lover may not be following his rules to the very letter.

By Brian Palenske Our Leo Woman and Pisces Man compatibility rating is 5.

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