Photographic techniques dating from the 19th century

16-Sep-2019 06:15

Dugdale works with, and teaches the use of, large rolling 19th-century view cameras with brass barrel lenses that he has adapted to his sight challenges over the years.“The old camera images are upside-down, so it taxes the brain and you have to concentrate, which makes you become engaged,” he has explained of his aesthetic.“When you have to slow down to a 50th of a second, you have to look more closely at things.” His printing methods range from tintypes originated in 1837 to glass-plate works that flourished in the 1850s.His next classes – which last two-and-a-half days, with no more than six to a class – take place in May, with a concentration on florals.

photographic techniques dating from the 19th century-89

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An education and training grant of 5,049 will fund a two-year project for workshops in libraries, archives and museums throughout the United States on the identification and long-term care of digitally printed materials.Routine environmental monitoring of collections spaces, coupled with data analysis and environmental management, informs and enhances long-term preservation planning in cultural institutions.