Pen pal and dating

07-Jun-2019 13:46

Communicating through letters can turn into a romantic connection, or just be a different kind of friend.

Back before email and free long distance, when a person wanted to communicate with someone who lived far away, they wrote a letter.

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With the popularity of online dating sites, many people are starting "pen" relationships with potential partners.

Members might e-mail back and forth many times before deciding to meet.

They might be "introduced" through a school project, a fan club, a group interested in travel, or one of many other ways. By exchanging letters, they shared mutual interests and taught each other about different cultures, religions, and lifestyles.

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Some of these relationships lasted for years, decades, or lifetimes.

Using a penpals dating site such as Pen Pals (see the profiles finder on the right of this page) has a lot of advantages over a tradional dating site.