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Brandishing her large, softbound Bible with gilt-page edges, Paula White, dressed in a black ensemble with a button- down top, sleeves to the elbow and black stiletto heels that appear to be in the four-inch range, is practically a blur as she swoops, kneels, bounces, pivots, spins, shouts, falls to her knees, points to the sky, shakes her fist, snaps her fingers and pounds the podium.

Every proclamation is greeted by “amen’’ and other shouts of the spirit from the faithful.

White, like Jakes and the late Tims, is a strong proponent of the controversial prosperity gospel, theology that advocates that the more money worshippers put into the church or ministry, the greater their return.

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Also in 2007, the as part of an investigative series on the Whites and their church, reported that an independent audit showed the couple and Without Walls ministries brought in nearly million in 2006.

But his standard of living would have paled in comparison to White’s.