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24-May-2019 20:21

Personally, I prefer to use an encrypted electronic list because it’s secure, easy to update, convenient to use, and it’s on my smartphone so it’s always with me.

A master password is used to access the encrypted data in the list.

Also, if the service provider has the ability to turn over the unencrypted contents of your list to a fiduciary or family member that you designate, that means the service provider (or a hacker compromising the service provider’s security) potentially could gain access to your confidential data—this is a trade-off between convenience and security. For example, some Terms of Service contracts prohibit you from allowing anyone else to access your online account, which may mean that a fiduciary or family member using your password to access the account is “exceeding authorized access” within the scope of the CFAA.

During your incapacity or after your death, fiduciaries and family members should read the applicable Terms of Service contract before attempting to use your password to access your online account. If any of your online accounts has an access restriction like this in its Terms of Service contract, your fiduciary or family member should consider asking the service provider for a copy of your account’s contents instead of attempting to use your password to access your account.

Keep your written list in a secure location, like a safe deposit box or a home safe.

Five of the most popular free and commercial software tools to keep an encrypted electronic list are described in a January 11, 2015, article at by Alan Henry.

A common implementation of a heap is the binary heap, in which the tree is a binary tree (see figure). Williams in 1964, as a data structure for the heapsort sorting algorithm.

The heap data structure, specifically the binary heap, was introduced by J. Heaps are also crucial in several efficient graph algorithms such as Dijkstra's algorithm.

The RPR development team has completed the annual Esri data refresh which includes over 1 billion data points!

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Esri data plays a critical role in RPR and is the data behind the commercial trade area analysis, federal and local economic area reports, and residential neighborhood statistics.

So, I only need to remember one master password, then I can use the electronic list to keep track of all my separate, strong passwords for each online account that I use.