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However, there are no airlines currently serving the airport.

Nearly ,000 in federal money was awarded in 2011 to the Hawaii Department of Agriculture to help support the Hawaiian cacao industry and provide outreach during the 2nd annual Hawaiian Chocolate Festival.

The distillery believes the grant will cover two-thirds of the equipment cost. Twenty-nine other yogurt plants are located in New York.

Collectively, they produced 530 million pounds of yogurt last year, a 43 percent increase over the year before.

The Fullerton Public Library in California, however, is going a different direction, spending thousands of dollars to install a vending-style book machine at a train station just blocks from the library. Well, another town has upped the ante after building an unused .5 million airport and a million harbor with no roads connecting to the town.

And along with the missing road, the harbor is also currently lacking electricity, running water, and, well, boats.

The hope is that along with possessing "strategic importance," the harbor will be used by Trident Seafood's, the largest seafood processor in the Aleutians.

Seventy percent of the high-powered routers have gone to schools and libraries, even though the equipment is unnecessary for these rural institutions.

Some of the libraries receiving the equipment have only one computer for citizens to use, and schools receiving the equipment often have only a few computers.

The inactive harbor now shares Akutan territory with the nearby airport.