Older and bolder dating

08-Mar-2019 06:01

When I explained what I’d hoped to get, he ushered us into the den where three of his friends were already getting buzzed.

After introducing us, and getting the general feeling I’d led my lovely bride into a den of wild men, we all had a couple hits off a joint that they were passing around.

Rounding it all, she has killer thighs and just a great shape.

I love it when she wears her boy shorts, or simply cutoffs with a tank top. Anyway, during the first year of our marriage, we decided to make as many Christmas parties as we could that season, mostly my friends, and of course the company parties.

Kevin waved me over to join him in another room to score, but It was plain that the mirror we saw on the den wall was a two way mirror.

I was glad to see I could still keep an eye on poor Kim as I’d left alone with the guys.

She was leaning back talking to Dave who’d begun to stroke her arm and shoulder.

I was beginning to wonder how far she would let them go, or if she had the willpower to stop them at all at this point.

Dave was talking her up, telling dirty jokes and sexy stories as she obviously was enjoying them.Billy had moved his hand onto her leg, starting at her knee, but had inched his way up onto her thigh.The black slip dress she was wearing wasn’t doing a very good job hiding her assets, and with his help was now above the top of her thigh high black stockings.Kim and I were married in our early twenties, and by no means was she experienced in any way sexually, having been intimate with only me.

In most ways it was great because she’d learned sex exactly the way I liked it.Still, I’d always thought she had a terrifically hot bod, and was pleased when I caught someone else taking notice of her charms.

If the person accepts, you are both on the bed together.… continue reading »

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