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Recently, George has merged his interest in touch with illusions, which are useful in that they can tell us about errors in perception, and thus about perception itself; is an academic psychologist and adjunct Lecturer in the Faculty of Counselling at Phoenix Institute of Australia.

Wilhelm bequeathed to Jung an intuitive understanding of the Chinese concept of Tao, which was to become for Jung very much associated with the meaning in meaningful coincidences. Browne explores these and other influences on Jung, and he gives some pointers on what to look for when making the all-important distinction between synchronistic events and chance coincidences. (A reading list was also provide, click here.) * * * * lectures at the University of Western Sydney, where he teaches neuroscience and paranormal studies to psychology students.

* * * Drawing on a wealth of anthropological, historical and contemporary research and investigation, the evidence for parapsychological connections in UFO, alien abduction and contact experiences is examined.

With a focus on the Australian experience, events as diverse as the 1868-1873 experiences of Parramatta surveyor and alderman Frederick Birmingham, other historical events, the aboriginal shamanic experience, intense UFO flap experience (such as at Tyringham, Kempsey and Mount Butler near Armidale, some experienced by the author), poltergeist type experiences (such as as at Boyup Brook, WA), in contemporary close encounter cases, and abduction and contact type experiences are examined.

However, no serious systematic study of DOP has been undertaken, until now.

This presentation examined various characteristic patterns found in a collection of over 400 case studies, and Tony discussed how these patterns might assist in understanding the origins of the DOP experience.An alternative view is that while ASC experiences may not be ‘real’ in the framework of reductive materialism, they nonetheless possess authenticity.

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