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Since Casey has moved into Derek 's house, and since he is portrayed as having a naturally conniving nature, Derek starts out ahead. Moreover, well hidden beneath the arrogance and confidence is a soft heart, which sometimes gets in the way of his desire to win.This soft-heartedness is characterized by the fact that he, though generally being considered not very considerate, has a noticeable soft spot for his younger sister, Marti.He also bails her out of trouble in "The Poxfather".He is quicker to help, however, when he gets something out of it too.They rarely interact, but neither does one of them have a problem with the other.They could potentially be close without Casey standing between them, but they have an understanding that for right now, this is how it is.In "The Fall", Derek is unsympathetic toward Casey's plight until Lizzie comes to him and begs on Casey's behalf.

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Now they get along a little better than they did in the earlier days of their parent's marriage but they still fight quite a bit but tend to work together more after having gone through much together.

Derek often finds picking on his new step-sister Casey amusing.

In his mind, her refusal to submit only encourages him, and makes the activity more challenging.

He does mention in "When Derek Met Sally" that he likes being her step-brother.

Derek never teases Lizzie like he does to Casey and Edwin, or love her like he loves Marti.

Now, with the appearance of two new sisters, Edwin is reconsidering his position.

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