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Before we embark on this slightly humorous trip through the twisted minds of the marketing department, let us not forget that Fred Burley, a man with a particularly inappropriate surname, started a company that would become one of Australia's, and even the world's, leading brands!

The only concession was to call the company Berlei, and in one deft change of emphasis, turn the word Burly into something altogether more elegant, perhaps even French.

Athletes, like anybody, wear what their peers wore, and in 1967, a proper young lady was undressed without her girdle.

Mary Rand, Britain's Olympic gold medallist for the long jump in the 1964 games, was photographed several times visiting the Spirella premises for one of their publicity brochures.

The booklet of rubber garments will display an alarming array of corsets and moulds, not just for everyday wear, but for use whilst sleeping.

In those days it could take a lady longer to prepare for bed than to prepare for a ball.

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Very American early 60's with exposed suspenders, charming satin panel and reinforced waist-line I'm sure it did its job well.

Firstly, the name - Lingerie Plastique made by Bon Ton.