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Jagged Fel, known as Jag to his friends, was a male Human ace pilot who, much like his father, General Baron Soontir Fel, was dedicated to a life of military service and later became the Head of State of the Imperial Remnant.Raised by his father and mother, Syal Antilles Fel, Jagged Fel was raised in the Unknown Regions among the strict and dutiful Chiss of the Empire of the Hand.Fel had two older brothers, Davin and Chak, as well as two younger sisters, Cherith and Wynssa.In addition, his younger brother Cem was raised as the family's shadow child, a Chiss tradition in which one child was kept secret in order to preserve the bloodline against assassination attempts.

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This made Fel and his family responsible for all Lowbacca's damages, and when they could not pay, Fel was permanently exiled from the Chiss.

His romance with Solo did not survive the war's aftermath as she drew away from all others and Fel was recalled to Csilla in the Chiss Ascendancy, where he eventually gained a captaincy in the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force.

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