Government employees dating contractors

26-Sep-2019 20:38

Most of the team members are right out of school and this is their first professional job and their ages range from 22-24.

I am about 10 years older than all of my employees.

Doing that during that work day when coworkers are around — regardless of whether or not you were clocked in — is wildly unprofessional, and gives me serious pause about your judgment and professionalism.” You also need to talk to your other team members, since you have reason to think that people are .

But before doing that — and in fact, possibly before talking to the two employees who you caught in the act — you need to talk to your own manager about all of this.

You will look complicit and you will look like you shared in your staff’s bad judgment.

You also probably need to take a look at who’s on your team, whether they belong there, and what kind of culture is in place that has allowed them to think this is (a) reasonable and (b) something that you wouldn’t notice.

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