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21-May-2019 17:37

Yet, they’ve never completed the developmental milestone of “leaving home” psychologically, meaning becoming an autonomous adult.They are as tied to their mate as they once were to their parents.Richard is a few years older than us fit, and handsome.After a Friday’s sales meeting, he took the salesmen out for a few drinks to celebrate Jimmy winning a mayor account.Often in longer relationships, spouses don’t develop individual activities or support networks other than their mate.In the past, an extended family used to serve that function.They may The way out may not require leaving the relationship. Develop a support system and become more independent and assertive.Take responsibility for your happiness by developing your passions instead of focusing on the relationship.

Yet, both men and women often neglect developing individual interests.Autonomy doesn’t mean you don’t need others, but in fact allows you to experience healthy dependence on others without the fear of suffocation.Examples of psychological autonomy include: Often, it’s this lack of autonomy that makes people unhappy in relationships or unable to commit. They’re afraid of even more dependence – of losing themselves completely. My husband’s name is Jimmy, he has been working as a salesman in a small company for five years.

His Boss, Richard, likes Jimmy the best of all the salesmen and drops hints to him that he may be promoted to sales manager if the planned expansion goes through.Homemakers fear being self-supporting or single moms, and breadwinners dread paying support and seeing their assets divided.