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Today, cable systems deliver hundreds of channels, many providing specialized programming, to approximately 60 million U. homes, and high-speed Internet access to a growing number of people.

Some cable systems allow subscribers to make telephone calls and receive new programming technologies, such as pay-per-view.

Click here to see an 18th-century example, courtesy of the Royal Library of Denmark.

To see other examples, try a keywords search on the term in A large capital letter composed of sweeping pen strokes creatively embellished with wide parallel calligraphic flourishes and occasional cross-strokes, giving the letterform the appearance of a versal.

Click here to learn more about cable television, courtesy of A small section of dedicated high-speed memory built into a microcomputer to improve system performance by providing temporary storage for blocks of data and instructions that would otherwise be retrieved from slower memory.

As a general rule, the larger the cache, the greater the enhancement of performance and speed.

Other examples can be seen in the Schøyen Collection (Oslo and London).

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To learn about the history of calendars, see : calendar year and perpetual calendar.The Julian calendar (365 days with an extra day every four years) was adopted from the Romans, but the Roman civil year (beginning on January 1) was replaced by the Christian year in the 7th century.Click here to page through the liturgical calendar in the ).He died at the age of 40 in Florida after undertaking an ill-fated trip to America for his health.

The annual Caldecott Medal for children's book illustration is named in his honor.

His first published drawings appeared in a Manchester newspaper.