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Selection property, which returns whichever object is selected.Generally, you can use the sample Format_Dates macro framework whenever the selection is a range of cells.You can, however, easily examine the number format of a cell or range of cells.I explain how you can read a property value in this tutorial.If you want to receive an email whenever I publish new material in Power Spreadsheets, please make sure to subscribe to our Newsletter by entering your email address below: In this case, “expression” stands for the Range object, or a variable that represents this object.

As explained in , once you've selected a range of cells (as the sample Format_Dates macro does), “you can use any of the Range properties to manipulate the cells”. The only property of the Range object that I cover in this blog post is Number Format.

If you use method #1 or #2 above, Excel displays the Number tab, as in the image above.

This is the one you need in order to find the date format codes.

As explained at the Microsoft Dev Center: This is quite a mouthful, so let's break down the statement and process into different parts to understand how you can know which format code you want to apply.

More precisely, you can find the string that represents a particular format code in the Format Cells dialog box in the following 5 easy steps.Even though the process of manually applying a date format isn't very complicated, there are some circumstances in which you may want to create macros that format dates.