Dating while awaiting divorce

22-Aug-2019 18:14

Never giving in or compromising who you are or what you belief in.Some area of your life where achieving perfection is important. Negatively, diamonds may reflect perfect arrogance. Thinking you are better than everyone else and that nothing could ever change it.In waking life she was having concerns about needing to elope in order to marry her fiance because her family was having problems accepting him because he was from a different religion.Running away with the diamond ring may have reflected her feelings about needing to elope in order to permanently keep her relationship with her fiance.To dream of having diabetes represents a problem in your life that forces you to give up everything that feels good because not doing so may embarrass you.You may have difficulty enjoying the sweeter things in life.Diabetes in a dream may also be a sign that you are doing everything you to stay stable by avoiding things you like.It could also mean you are going way to far to prove yourself.

Alternatively, devastation in a dream may be a sign that you are too emotionally involved in other people's problems.

The baby had serious brain problems and was on life support.