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Inflation in the 19 countries sharing the euro ros European shares tumbled for a second day on Tuesday as investors took fright over a renewed risk of the euro zone breaking up with Italy heading toward a repeat election which could become a proxy referendum on its euro membership.European shares slumped for a second day on Tuesday as investors took flight on renewed fears of euro zone break-up risk as Italy embarked on a new election campaign which could become a proxy referendum on euro membership. A collection, usually annual, of statistics and facts, both current and retrospective. The historical or public records themselves, which are generally non-circulating materials such as collections of personal papers, rare books, ephemera, etc." "A book or bound collection of maps, illustrations, etc.; Volume of maps, plates, engravings, tables, etc., which may be used to accompany a text; or it may be an independent publication." (Definition from Colorodo State University Libraries) "A group of letters and/or numbers that identifies a specific item in a library and provides a way for organizing library holdings.May be broad in geographical and subject coverage, or limited to a particular country or state or to a special subject. An annual containing miscellaneous matter, such as a calendar, a list of astronomical events, planting tables, astrological predictions, and anecdotes" (Definition from Yale University Library) "1. Annotation is the end product of making such notes." (Definition from Colorodo State University Libraries) "1. Two major types of call numbers are Dewey Decimal Call Numbers and Library of Congress Call Numbers." "A database (either online or on paper cards) listing and describing the books, journals, government documents, audiovisual and other materials held by a library.Peer-reviewed journals are also called refereed or scholarly journals." "A card that enables its user to print from a computer, or to make copies of a document at a photocopy machine.Student ID cards sometimes serve as copy cards." For more information see the "Library Printing and Copying" page.A style manual outlines specific formats for arranging research papers and citing the sources that are used in writing the paper." See "The unique address for a Web page which is used in citing it.

Words relating to an information source's author, editor, title, subject heading or keyword serve as search terms.

A note that describes, explains, or evaluates; especially such a note added to an entry in a bibliography, reading list, or catalog. Various search terms allow you to look for items in the catalog." "A reference to a book, magazine or journal article, or other work containing all the information necessary to identify and locate that work.

A citation to a book thus includes its author's name, title, publisher and place of publication, and date of publication." "A selection of books, articles, videotapes, or other materials that instructors want students to read or view for a particular course.

For L3 Technologies Inc , it's not a case of if but when the maker of everything from airport scanners to night vision equipment for the military will get bigger through acquisitions.

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The path that recently minted Chairman and CEO Chris Kubasik takes to deliver that growth to investors, however, is the big question.

Print reserve materials are usually kept in one area of the library and circulate for only a short period of time." See also: "A work containing information on all branches of knowledge or treating comprehensively a particular branch of knowledge (such as history or chemistry).