Dating magic bullett

22-Apr-2019 08:46

In addition, the display of confidence, the playful challenge, and the “differentness” of the answer can contribute to her being even more interested in you.In the second example, asking someone why she is special is a qualification line.One crucial discovery is that qualification can begin in attraction and usually must continue into comfort. Another is the necessity of actually having a conversation about whatever subject you are qualifying her on.For example, if you act impressed that a woman is a ballet dancer, you should follow that up with a minute or so of conversation about ballet or dance or the arts, so she senses that she has genuinely done something to interest you and that you’re not giving her random compliments so you can have sex with her.

Qualification is an area of dating science where there have been a lot of breakthroughs.There’s also absolutely nothing wrong with just saying “thank you” in response to a compliment. Act as if you get a lot of compliments so it’s no big deal, but still make your “thank you” genuine.