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20-Aug-2019 06:57

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Other Kenyan styles of music that are known to fill the airwaves include the contemporary music, inspired by Arab and Indian immigrants.In recent years, initiatives to enhance cultural heritage have seen the rise of customized ‘traditional nights‘.As Kenya's national languages, Swahili and English bridge the communication gap and unite Kenyans as a single nation.- a form of charcoal grilled beef or goat meat, is regarded as Kenya's national dish.These night outs are exclusively designed to capture the culture, music and dance of specific ethnic communities in Kenya.The Carnivore Restaurant in Nairobi is a popular place to visit for a traditional night out.

The Kenyan population is comprised of more than 40 ethnic groups, each with its own unique dialect.

The most fascinating thing about nyamachoma is not the irresistible taste but the bond that it creates between friends.

Walk into two Kenyans enjoying this meal and you will be drawn in by the positive vibe. When it comes to drinks, Kenya tea in the form of (tea with milk and sugar) is the beverage of choice.

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