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Create a batch script with the following content: Net stop wuauserv Sc config wuauserv type= own Net start wuauserv Create an SCCM application which runs the batch script.As detection method we used the registry value which is modified with the above command: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Current Control Set\Services\wuauserv The registry value "Type" will be set to 16 after performing this operation (32 before).As far as I can see, updating all page instances to have web parts As I've mentioned before, because of these issues the web part zone architecture is often not the best choice for scenarios such as WCM site development, since here we want our changes to apply across all pages which use the layout. As always, leave a comment if you've had different experiences to those detailed here, I'd definitely be interested to hear.[I also wanted to say sincere apologies to the commenters on the original post (and any others I've been slow in replying to) that it took a couple of weeks for me to come back.

This is what I found: been customized, updates on the filesystem will not (since the file has now been added to the content database, and the filesystem version is no longer used).I've not needed to do this myself, but the property to check is method can be used - this should cause Share Point to henceforth use the version on the filesystem (though note you may lose some updates which had been made after the file was unghosted (customized) - you will need to re-apply these to the filesystem file after the reversion.And remember, don't use SPD for this or you'll be back where you started! However, one poster (deelpunt) had an interesting question about updating page layouts with web parts.To set the Windows update service to run in it's own svchost process and thus make some extra memory available for the upates scan we performed the following steps.

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Warning after doing this we've seen the Windows Update service temporarily peaking at 25% CPU and 780MB memory on a Windows 7 x86 client.

Communities may decide that they could achieve the outcomes they want to see through other planning routes, such as incorporating their proposals for the neighbourhood into the Local Plan, or through other planning mechanisms such as Local Development Orders and supplementary planning documents or through pre-application consultation on development proposals.

Just like I mentioned in our review of the site, their service hasn’t really changed all that much during this time.… continue reading »

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