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the cowmen who dropped in for a meal now and then . I love creation better as it stood That day You finished it so long ago And looked upon Your work and called it good. appeared to have ridden directly out of books of adventure, with old young faces full of bad grammar, strange oaths and stranger yarns, and hearts for the most part as open and shadowless as the country they daily ranged."Oh Lord, I've never lived where churches grow.One night when I was washing my pots and kettles I heard the boys around the fire discussing a cow-puncher over in the mountains, who, the week before, had roped a bobcat and 'drug' it to death.The boys spent some time swapping expert opinions on the incident, so it stuck in my mind, incubated, and eventually hatched out The Glory Trail.[...] Thorp remarks: "This song was brought to Santa Fe by Henry Herbert Knibbs, who got it from Southern Arizona, where it was sung by the cowboys." John A.Lomax also prints a "cowboy version" of "The Glory Trail" in Wonder why I feel so restless; Moon is shinin' still and bright, Cattle all is restin' easy, But I just kain't sleep tonight.In Katie Lee's classic book, Ten Thousand Goddam Cattle, A History of the American Cowboy in Song, Story, and Verse," she writes about "A Cowboy's Prayer": "Of the hundreds of poems written about cowboys praying to the stars, this is probably the best.I've heard any number of cowboys recite it, but have never heard one sing it.

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I fly with a buzzard feather, I dig me wells with a spur, And snakes may famish and fry But I Cross that desert to her! I seem the only thing on earth that cares 'Cause Al ain't here no more!What was my amazement, in examining this literary curiosity, to find that it was my Glory Trail, with slight alterations, such as the omission of one line in the refrain, such rubbings down and chippings off as might happen to it in passing from mouth to mouth.

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