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We could talk about the reasons behind his malevolent behaviour towards Paul ...

That's what my little present's for.' Jason said, pointing at the gift in my hands.

My Fridays usually scooped abundant records in my black book for being my least favourite days of just about every week. My slender, shapely calves, the only visible part of my leg, supported a pair of thick thighs that I considered unattractive. He fetched a glass of orange juice from the fridge. ' 'I just think you deserve better.' Jason said, fusing me with a set of determined eyes. Those words compelled this afternoon's kitchen incident before my mind's eye and I cringed internally.

It felt good to have such a close relationship with my own child. I proceeded to my study upstairs, next to my room, and commenced my job. ' 'I think he pays you less to no attention.' Jason said, matter-of-factly. ' Jason said, triumphant that he was able to get his point across. Alcohol and I never made a decent couple, so after a couple more vodkas I was all flirty and loose, commenting about some of the men eyeing me. We got a nice, comfy place to sit, drink and watch the masses move to the music on the dance floor. Taking this into consideration, it was my duty as a good mother to curb whatever impure thoughts of us he had cooking in his head before things got out of control. If there was one thing I cherished about my relationship with Jason, it was our close connection – how I was able to talk to him as if he was Paul, and how he could confide in me.

'Jay, thank you for caring about my social wellbeing, but the answer's still no. I could be at this party right now as we speak and you wouldn't know a thing. Sure, I could ground him, but that wouldn't stop him from creeping out. He would stop telling me things and shut me out of his private affairs. Don't you think it'd be weird for them seeing you with your mum at a party that's supposed to be for teenagers? Lots of people are going to be there, not just my school friends.

She was fast becoming a woman and I was proud of her. The truth is I was actually staring at my reflection. My breasts, enlarged after years of child birth and growing older (I am 36), held in place by a black bra, stretched my sweater, and my arse filled my black knee-length flowing skirt. ' Jason's noisy exhale scrunched the smooth planes of his face. 'Look what I got you,' he produced a gift-wrapped rectangular box.