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25-May-2019 18:01

He barely changed a thing and only added two references to the pregnancy in the entire show. “I love that because pregnant women don’t go around all day clutching their bellies. “David also said, ‘No crying’, which was a revelation to me because I’m constantly crying!

Carey is now a happily married woman, after tying the knot with Mumford & Sons frontman Marcus Mumford in April 2012.

It opens with Carey Mulligan centre stage, in orange shirt and red trousers, against set designer Es Devlin’s boxy backdrop of purest cyan.

It’s a palette favoured by Hollywood posters, because the contrast is so striking. It’s Leeds with wider streets” – and sexually frank, but it’s also cleverly disconcerting. ”) One of the models snottily tells him that she would never sleep with a Normal like him, and he acknowledges the truth of this.

Yet Dennis Kelly’s script, which depicts one poison drop of sexism blossoming into a manifestation of the most extreme masculine rage, shows how difficult such behaviour is to police.

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When she was a little girl, Carey Mulligan dreamed of becoming an actress.

And then, halfway through the 90-minute running time, comes the punch: “I know they’re not here by the way. I know they’re dead.” My mind went instantly to a routine by Louis CK.