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Hit Fix: As we’ve said, you keep playing these characters who are newly introduced and thus somewhat unsteady in these chaotic worlds. But in his original incarnation, Cameron was much geekier and much less of an equal to Oz and [FOX Entertainment President] Kevin Reilly, who has been helping our show, that was his biggest note: “No, make Cameron cool.Do you think the characters would lose some of their comedic punch if they ever got too confident on the job? Not every joke needs to come from this place of weakness.” And when they’ve gone and tested the show, that’s what really worked, was the chemistry between Christian and myself.Big Japan's first release, Music for Dummies, was digitally released through Nightshift Records on August 23, 2005.This CD originally titled Music for Dummies was changed to Untitled thus the limited number of CDs printed have become collectors items.Show me what you’ve got.”BH: I’m afraid to say that he’s smarter, but I do.I think he’s a smarter character and while I know that Christian Slater’s character, Oz, is coming across as a boss, but I think that unlike in “Reaper,” where I was working with the Devil and he was telling me what my mission was — “That’s your mission, that’s what you do” — I feel Oz is treating Cameron more as a protege, than he it’s “This is your job, go and do it.” So I feel like we’re a little bit more on an equal level and I think you can play better comedy that way, in all honesty.He had a dramatic guest role on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as Sam Cavanaugh, a young victim of sexual abuse.

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Harrison's character appears throughout Season 2 (2011) as an evolutionary biologist and eventual member of the counter-visitor resistance.Other wedding guests included actors Adam Brody, best known from The O.