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Within all the conflicts of the Middle East, the first implication is what Jesuit Father Francesco Rossi de Gasperis of the Pontifical Biblical Institute of Jerusalem called a theological negation of the people of Israel, a kind of cultural and spiritual Shoah, not dissimilar to what was seen in the churches of Europe during the age of Christendom.

By creating a Catholic Church within Israel and for Israel comes from its deep seated denial for even the very existence of the state of Israel.

This Catholic community should be fully Jewish and fully immersed in Jewish cultural lifestyle.

As he appeals to a delegation of presidents of episcopal conferences in Jerusalem: This is about as radical as a Christian concept can be: that Catholic Christianity should be grafted back into the Jewish Olive Tree.

Over the course of Christian history, the original Church was actually a Hebrew community composed of Jews that were faithful to the Torah, believers in the Jewish rabbi, Yahshua ha Maschiach (Jesus the Messiah).

Is the guiding hand of the God of Israel even calling the core of the Catholic faithful back to a historical turning point, nominating a Catholic bishop ad Judaeos?

Is the soul of the Catholics also at stake in that the overarching bid to gain control over the holy sites of Jerusalem will in turn While this shift may isolate the Jewish secular Zionists, it also isolates a Latin patriarchate that is intentionally of an overwhelming Palestinian character.

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The problem with all of this would seem to be that of wanting to divide the Church in Palestine into two parts, denying its Arab character and delegitimizing Patriarch Sabbah, who has always been against the idea of naming a bishop ad Judaeos.This rift or fissure in the Catholic community is serious and thought provoking especially within the orthodox circles of the Roman Church.The Christian Church is already fractured by many different denominations.The contenders to buy were the Opus Dei (of Dan Browns De Vinci Code fame), the Salesians and the Neocatechumenal Way.

Abbot Gourion came under the wrath of the patriarchate for receiving an honorary award in one of the halls of the Knesset, the Israeli parliament while the Melkite pastor of Nazareth, mile Shoufani, who though an Arab is not anti-Semitic nor anti-Israeli when he was attacked mercilessly for taking an ecumenical pilgrimage of Jews and Palestinians together to Auschwitz.As Christiansen writes about these power players: and the leaders of the uvre Saint-Jacques in alliance with sympathetic elements in the French Church (read: the cardinal of Paris, the Jewish convert Jean-Marie Lustiger); in the second place, in the Vatican, and one of the negotiators of the 1994 agreement between Israel and the Holy Land.