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The tussle between these two forces has not only shaped the current cheap politics of Bharat but has been a major factor leading to foreign invasions of last 1000 years.This wretched caste-system was the prime reason why we could not defend our nation against barbaric invaders.And till these two problems – that remain the primary causes of almost all our miseries of past and present – are eradicated from root, In other words, a prosperous and powerful society cannot co-exist with casteism and gender-discrimination.Please note that casteism and gender-discrimination are not specifically Hindu issues. Gender discrimination has been a global phenomenon for ages.Thus it becomes utmost necessary to review Manu Smriti and check what it actually stands for.1. Manu legalized harsh punishments for Shudras and special provisions for upper-castes and especially Brahmins.3. This book will dispel all myths and establish the principles of social equality that form the foundations of Hinduism.

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They would innocently point to ancient scriptures that justify these nuisances and then attempt to prove the ‘science’ behind consuming this trash.Because these two nuisances were tolerated, the society was weakened and deluged with so many different cults and religions leading to further weaknesses.

Iedereen weet wel dat België grofweg opgedeeld kan worden in 2 gedeeltes: Vlaanderen en Wallonië. Het beslaat qua oppervlakte het grootste deel van het land, maar het aantal inwoners van Wallonië is beduidend lager dan het aantal inwoners van Vlaanderen: 3,6 miljoen inwoners tegenover 6,5 miljoen inwoners.… continue reading »

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