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28-Apr-2019 14:16

Light bulbs go on, customers end up buying better toys, and I can sleep well at night. Buzzy vibrators appear more stationary, but can make your fingers itch. A lower pitch is usually indicative of a rumblier toy. More than anything else I’ve learned as a sex toy reviewer, this distinction has enabled me to gauge if a toy is going to work for me the moment I hold it in my hand.Don’t confuse vibration quality with vibration intensity. It’s the reason I immediately regretted my decision to review the Bi Stronic Fusion when I felt its clit stimulator in person.Our tight-bottomed heroine, though, is wishing they had asked for a volunteer: Artist is Filobedo.Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Check out the exhilarated glow on the faces of Vyvan Hill and Dolly Diore after a kinky public bondage sex scene filmed in a bar in Budapest for Kink Unlimited.

And it makes sense: deeper vibrations cause deeper orgasms… Imagine pushing an empty metal shopping cart over coarse, uneven parking lot asphalt — feel your hands becoming uncomfortably tingly?Hey, I’m sorry to be a little slow with this news, but Kink is running another of their rare and massive discounts this holiday weekend for their flagship Kink Unlimited product that includes unlimited access to everything they publish, plus a whole lot of “partner content” they bring in and publish from kinky porn studios outside their operation.(They’re doing a lot more of this lately.) If you join while the sale is on, you can get 30% off the monthly price, 50% off the 6-month price, and 60% off the whole-year deal. The look on his face says he’s not actually happy finding this woman tied to his bed ready to be ravished. Happy in his pants suggests that there’s another opinion available if he wants to consult the little head: Art is by Bill Ward. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: I had an unwanted and unlooked-for flashback to my adolescent days as a Gor fanboy when I saw this photograph.Most toys don’t fit neatly into one category of vibration quality, and not all reviewers will agree about it.

Buzzy doesn’t inherently equal terrible: my favorite vibrator, the LELO Mona 2, falls somewhere in the middle, and I endorse the fairly buzzy Pico Bong Ako and Turbo Glider.Obviously, you don’t want Blink 182 against your clitoris. Externally this matters because rumbly toys are capable of sending their vibrations further, stimulating the internal clitoris and even, with the right thrumming intensity, the whole G-spot/CUV.